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"The results you get in life have a direct relationship with your choices, decisions, and actions. To find the right motivation and courage, pursue your dreams and achieve them against all odds."


"The right attitude to facing and conquering life’s challenges is to view things from the positive side of life. A positive attitude is a winning attitude."

               By Mark Meyer

"To make your dreams come true, you must follow your heart. Following your heart means doing what you love and what brings you closer to fulfilling your dreams."


Mark Meyer is the Founder of Me'Yer Deus Foundation which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. He is also the Executive Director of Rebels for Humanity, which provides meals to the less fortunate. He is the Author of Self-Motivation & Courage, and Purpose, two books focusing on helping others achieve the courage to change their lives through his own personal journey. He is a public speaker working to motivate and encourage students to find their purpose in life. The Me'Yer Deus Foundation mentors those struggling with self-discovery, self-motivation, depression, and low self-esteem. The Foundation's purpose is to help students make better decisions for themselves.


We teach purpose, motivation and leadership to youth from 12 to 21 and adults needing help

with direction. Me’ Yer Deus Foundation provides mentoring programs, school curriculum's,

leadership training and motivational books to youth and adults.

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Our Vision

To provide instruction in purpose and motivation to reduce at-risk behaviors and thinking. To provide mentoring to reinforce positive behaviors and thinking. To provide opportunities for participants to engage in conversation to broaden their social circles with positive influences. To provide books on purpose motivation and leadership topics to act as further

motivational guides.

What We Do

Provide a positive and friendly environment so the students become self-motivated to learn. Encourage students to ask questions without hesitation. 

Provide students a variety of books to encourage independent reading. Developing an interest in reading can foster a thirst for knowledge.

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